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Friday, March 23, 2007

The Rush Limbaugh Dictionary of Democracy

The Rush Limbaugh Dictionary of Democracy
ABC. Limbaugh uses this nickname to match with his reference to CBS as CBS (emphasis on the BS).
Abu Grab
Originated from how Al Gore pronounced Abu Ghraib during a speech he made during the controversy
Sex-change operation. The name is pronounced add-a-dick-to-me.
adopted home town, my
Sacramento, California where Limbaugh lived from 1984 to 1988 while broadcasting on KFBK.
adult beverage
Alcoholic beverages, stated as such to avoid offending parents while on-air.
Former Vice President Al Gore. This nickname was originally used in a parody of Count Dracula involving Count Taxula (voiced so as to sound like Bill Clinton) and his loyal servant Algore (as in Igor). The nickname Algore was used extensively on the show during the U.S. presidential campaign in 2000.
All-Schumer Service (ASS)
Limbaugh's proposed new news network containing nothing but Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) voicing his opinion(s).
Al Jazeera.
animal rights wacko
A member of ALF or PETA who believes animals have the same rights as humans.
Ashley Wilkes
2004 presidential candidate and former general, Wesley Clark. Ashley Wilkes is a male character on Gone with the Wind, described by Limbaugh as being somewhat of a candy-ass.
assume room temperature
To die.
Atlanta Urinal-Constipation
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, an Atlanta newspaper.
Baghdad Jim
Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA).
Barbra Streisand
Bullshit (BS).
Bareback Mountain
Brokeback Mountain. Also referred to as Humpback Mountain.
Big Ketchup
H. J. Heinz Company. Limbaugh uses this term in discussions of Senator John Kerry and his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, whose fortune comes from that company. The term plays on the way that liberal activists refer to large corporations; e.g., Big Oil or Big Tobacco. However, Heinz is known to contribute more to conservatives, and did not give John Kerry any donations in 2004, and it was found Heinz officials contribute to Republican causes, and not Democratic causes. One former Board of Directors member (Lynn Swann) is a Republican candidate for Governor in Pennsylvania.
Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States.
Black Helicopter Crowd, the
Conspiracy theorists
Breck Girl, the
2004 vice presidential candidate and former Senator John Edwards (D-NC).
Brokeback moment
A public embrace or kiss between men. This is a reference to Brokeback Mountain, a film which depicts a male homosexual relationship.
George H. W. Bush, the 41st President of the United States.
George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States.
See Ruth Buzzi Ginsburg.
Calypso Louie
Louis Farrakhan. This nickname was coined on the show in the context of his involvement in the Million Man March and refers to Farrakhan's career as a calypso singer before his religious conversion.
Liberal men who have been neutered emotionally, mentally, and psychologically by feminism. Limbaugh has raised the ire of some in the gay rights movement by using a wimpy, lisping voice to imitate these men.
CBS (emphasis on BS)
CBS News. This nickname was coined during Rathergate when CBS ran a story on Bush's National Guard experience based on forged documents.
Chinese Communists.
The opposite of an addadictomy.
Chris Dodd, of waitress sandwich fame
Derived from an accusation that Senator Dodd (D-CT) sexually assaulted a waitress with Senator Kennedy (D-MA) in a Washington, D.C. restaurant.
Clinton Library and Massage Parlor
The Clinton Library.
Clinton News Network
Cable news channel CNN.
Club Gitmo
The U.S. prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba that holds suspected terrorists. Limbaugh believes that the terrorists are treated better than they deserve and that they live in better conditions than many servicemen in Iraq. He used the fact that the average weight gain of the prisoners after they arrive is 7 pounds, and they are all given brand new prayer rugs and Ko'rans when they first arrive at the prison (source: US Department of Defense). Limbaugh has started selling a line of Club Gitmo clothing through his website.
Communist News Network
Cable news channel CNN.
congressional windbags
Loquacious congressmen who call for investigations and hearings when they are partly to blame.
Congressman William Jefferson, Democrat, Louisiana
Congressman William J.Jefferson (D-LA).
Hillary Clinton. Bill Clinton's presidential campaign had emphasized that Hillary would be active in setting policy, saying get two for the price of one.
crumb crunchers
The Kennedys' way of pronouncing Cuba.
Deficit. Limbaugh would say this in parody of its pronunciation by then-Senator James Sasser of Tennessee in 1993.
Dan Blather
Dan Rather.
Deface the Nation
Face the Nation.
demonstrating absurdity by being absurd
Rush's way to parody, poke fun at, and debunk notable liberal figures. Limbaugh uses exaggerated responses to point out the utter fatuousness of the liberal philosophy.
Dick Turban
Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin, (D-IL). Limbaugh uses this nickname in the belief that Durbin is soft on terrorism.
California Senator Dianne Feinstein
Dingy Harry
Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV). This nickname is a parody of Dirty Harry, the nickname of a character portrayed by Clint Eastwood. Limbaugh tried out other nicknames such as Dusty Harry and Soiled Harry before settling on Dingy Harry.
Faithful listeners to The Rush Limbaugh Show.
dope-smoking, long-haired, maggot-infested, FM types
Liberal hippies who might prefer the content of FM radio (NPR, college radio, and Top 40, the artists of which often hold left-wing views) to AM talk.
drive-by caller
A caller with an excellent point who does not have time enough to engage in on air discourse.
drive-by media
The mainstream media. Limbaugh alleges that the mainstream media attempt to ambush their enemies in a manner analogous to that of gang members ie spray a bunch of bullets and drive off.
DNC Times
The New York Times. Limbaugh is alleging that the Times is effectively an organ of the Democratic National Committee.
Dung Heap Harkin
Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA). Limbaugh gave him the name during the Clinton impeachment after Harkin called the charges against President Clinton a dung heap. Recently Harkin has attacked Limbaugh on the floor of the Senate over Limbaugh's presence on AFRTS (Armed Forces Radio). (See Armed Forces Radio controversy below.)
Dusty Harry
See Dingy Harry.
Excellence in Broadcasting Network
EIB Building
The studios of WABC (AM) from which Limbaugh broadcast during the years 19881997. The Rush Limbaugh Show would describe it with the sting, high atop Penn Station, overlooking Madison Square Garden.
EIB Northern Command
Limbaugh's studio/broadcast complex at Premiere Radio Networks, 1270 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020. The Rush Limbaugh Show have been broadcast from here and the EIB Southern Command since 1997.
EIB Southern Command
Limbaugh's studio/broadcast complex in West Palm Beach, Florida. The Rush Limbaugh Show have been broadcast from here and the EIB Northern Command since 1997.[1]
El Freebo
El Loco Poco Dicko
Representative Dick Gephardt (D-MO).
emotional punditry
Advocacy for a particular objective using purely emotional pleas with little regard for logical arguments for/against the objective.
environmentalist wacko
A militant environmental activist, usually a Democrat, but sometimes a Green Party member, who is usually a member of Greenpeace, ELF, or other environmentally sensitive organizations.
Limbaugh limits this title to those feminists most militantly in pro-abortion, to the point that they appear to prefer abortion to childbrith.
Ferret-like Columnist, the
Paul Krugman, a columnist for The New York Times.
Foghorn Leghorn
Former United States Senator from South Carolina Fritz Hollings.
Forehead, the
Paul Begala, former Clinton counselor and co-host of CNN's Crossfire.
For those of you in Rio Linda or Palm Beach County
This phrase is often used by Limbaugh as an introduction to an explanation of somewhat complicated subjects (and sometimes even simple subjects), insinuating that the listenership in Rio Linda, California is not very bright. This practice began after Limbaugh drove through Rio Linda and saw trash and cars on cinder blocks in front yards and he sarcastically stereotyped the residents as ignorant hillbillies needing extra help to understand concepts. Since the Florida butterfly ballot controversy during the 2000 Presidential Election, Limbaugh has also used West Palm Beach instead of or in addition to Rio Linda.
formerly nicotine-stained fingers
Limbaugh's fingers, referring to his former cigarette-smoking habit. (Limbaugh still smokes cigars.)
Frenchurian Candidate, the
2004 Democratic presidential candidate Senator John Kerry (D-MA). See also Jean Francois Kerry. The nickname parodies the title of the 1962 film The Manchurian Candidate; a remake was released during the 2004 election campaign.
fringe kooks of the Democratic Party
The ultra-left wing elements inside the Democratic party.
Fruited Plain, the
The United States of America.
General Dinkins
Former Mayor of New York City David Dinkins.
golden EIB microphone
Limbaugh's gold-plated microphone, which guest hosts have confirmed is actually made of gold
A now dated reference to the mainstream media's perceived fawning obsession with Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev. Limbaugh will often introduce gorbasm segments with The Imperial March, Darth Vader's theme music from Star Wars.
Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev.
Governor Coomo
Former Governor of New York Mario Cuomo. Limbaugh uses this nickname in parody of the way Rev. Jesse Jackson pronounces Cuomo's name.
Half my brain tied behind my back, just to make it fair
This is one of many slogans Limbaugh says over his bumper music as a greeting when returning from a break.
Hand Grenade with the Bad Haircut, the
Ross Perot.
The show Hardball with Chris Matthews.
Helmet Head
Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND).
Hillary Rodham Rodham
Former US First Lady and current US Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY). This name coined when Clinton demanded that the press use her maiden name in all references to her after her husband Bill Clinton was elected to the US Presidency in 1992. Limbaugh has since used this to imply that Clinton has been politically campaigning for US Presidency ever since 1992, at the expense of nominally estranging her from her husband. Limbaugh claims (tongue-in-cheek) that he uses the double Rodham to help publicize Ms. Clinton's maiden name to the press.
Hillary Rotten Rodman Clinton
Former US First Lady and current US Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY). This nickname recalls Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders' malapropism in which she referred to Clinton as Hillary Rotten Rodman Clinton.
Humpback Mountain
Brokeback Mountain. Also referred to Bareback Mountain.
Hurricane Katrina vanden Heuvel
Hurricane Katrina, the August 2005 hurricane that devastated the Gulf Coast of the United States. The name is a reference to Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor of the liberal magazine The Nation.
Hurricane X vanden Heuvel
Hurricane X. After referring to Hurricane Katrina as Hurricane Katrina vanden Heuvel, Limbaugh began attaching vanden Heuvel to the names of other hurricanes; e.g., Hurricane Ophelia vanden Heuvel for Hurricane Ophelia.
Illustrating absurdity by being absurd
A tactic Limbaugh uses to lampoon many of the tenets of liberalism. Limbaugh takes a liberal tenet and pretends to believe either the tenet itself or some analogous belief, trying to demonstrate the ridiculous nature of the belief. See reductio ad absurdum.
It's not the nature of the evidence; it's the seriousness of the charge.
A quotation that Limbaugh often uses to illustrate a tactic that he says is commonly used by liberals. Republicans or prominent conservatives are accused of grave crimes or scandals with little or no evidence of wrongdoing, and the magnitude of the accusation is used to deflect criticism of investigating unsubstantiated charges. The subject is politically damaged by the fact of an investigation without necessarily having done anything wrong. This quotation dates back to the accusation made by opponents of the nomination of Clarence Thomas to be Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court in 1991. He was accused of sexual harassment of Anita Hill.
Jack the Dripper
Dr. Jack Kevorkian, an outspoken and controversial advocate of physician-assisted suicide. The moniker is a play on words referring both to the serial killer known as Jack the Ripper, and the intravenous "suicide machine" Kevorkian devised and employed. Limbaugh has also referred to Kevorkian as "Dr. Death."
Jean Francois Kerry
2004 Democratic US presidential candidate Senator John Kerry (D-MA). Limbaugh uses the French analog of his first and middle name to mock Kerry's alleged elitist views and ancestral ties to French royalty.[2]
John Effing Kerry
2004 Democratic US presidential candidate Senator John Kerry (D-MA). Limbaugh uses the nickname to mock Kerry's use of the word fuck in a Rolling Stone interview. It also serves to mock Kerry's use of his middle initial F. to emphasize a nominal similarity between John F. Kerry and John F. Kennedy.
WASHINGTON (AP) December 7, 2003 ...John Kerry used profane language to assess President Bush's Iraq policy, and Bush's chief of staff said Sunday the Democratic presidential candidate was out of line. The Massachusetts senator uttered a profanity in an interview in the latest Rolling Stone magazine to express his dismay over Bush's handling of Iraq. When asked in the interview about the success of rival candidate Howard Dean, whose anti-war message has resounded with supporters, Kerry responded: When I voted for the war, I voted for what I thought was best for the country. Did I expect Howard Dean to go off to the left and say, `I'm against everything?' Sure. Did I expect George Bush to f--- it up as badly as he did? I don't think anybody did.
John Filibuster Kerry
2004 Democratic US presidential candidate Senator John Kerry (D-MA). Limbaugh adopted this nickname once the New York Times called the Democratic Party on the carpet to filibuster the vote on Judge Samuel Alito. Kerry, obviously responding to the Times editorial, made an appearance the same day and boldly promised a filibuster.
John Kerry, who by the way served in Vietnam
2004 Democratic US presidential candidate Senator John Kerry (D-MA). Limbaugh used this phrase to make parody of Kerry's apparent zeal to mention as often as possible that he served in the Vietnam War. This phrase is also commonly used by James Taranto in his Best of the Web Today column on OpinionJournal.
John Squid Kerry
2004 Democratic US presidential candidate Senator John Kerry (D-MA). The nickname started being used after it was learned that Kerry was eating squid with his back turned away from the TV at a Washington D.C. restaurant during President George W. Bush's speech after Hurricane Katrina. Kerry's camp criticized the speech, but he was purportedly still at the restaurant after the speech ended and the criticism came out.
Jumpin' Jim Jeffords
Senator Jim Jeffords (I-VT). Jeffords, elected as a Republican in 2000, left the Republican party in 2001 to become an independent and announced his intention to caucus with the Democratic Party. This effectively passed control of the Senate to the Democratic party, which they retained until the next Congress was inaugurated on January 3, 2003.
1. Keepers Of Odd Knowledge Society. This is Limbaugh's moniker for conspiracy theorists.
2. Keep Our Own Kids Safe. This is a (fictional) organization created to stop childhood soccer.
Lakoff (Rhymes With...)
Professor George Lakoff, a linguistics expert at UC Berkeley.
Larry King Alive
The show Larry King Live.
Leaky Leahy
Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT). The name is derived from Leahy's intentional leaking of classified material during his tenure on the intelligence committee. See also Senator Depends below.
Le Tour de Sheets
A series of photographs of public works named after Senator Robert Byrd that was posted on It was submitted by several fans as a means to poke fun at this Senator's legacy of pork-barrel projects in his home state of West Virginia.
Levin, F. Lee
conservative talk show host Mark Levin.
an act of oral sex.
Limbaugh Institute For Advanced Conservative Studies, the
The Rush Limbaugh Show. When Limbaugh refers to the program in this fashion, he describes himself as the Doctor of Democracy and says that the Institute awards no degrees because the learning never ends.
Little General, the
Ross Perot.
Making fun of Senator Frank Lautenberg's age.
Lord Bentsen
Lloyd Bentsen, unsuccessful candidate for Vice President in 1988.
Loser, the
Michael Dukakis, unsuccessful candidate for President in 1988.
Lout, the
Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ). Lout, a synonym for boor, sounds like a contraction of Lautenberg's name.
2004 Democratic US presidential candidate Senator John Kerry (D-MA). Limbaugh noticed a similarity in appearance between Kerry and the Addams Family character.
Mario the Pious
Former New York governor Mario Cuomo.
Mary Cute Little Baby Fat Landrieu
Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA). Limbaugh noted on the air that he thought she was cute, that her facial features still had baby fat. The support staff has not let him live it down.
Meet the Depressed
The show Meet the Press.
Mayor of Kooksville, the
Former Governor of Vermont and DNC chairman Howard Dean.
Director Rob Reiner.
A term used by callers as a greeting to say "Keep doing what you're doing, Rush". It is sometimes mistakingly thought to mean "I totally agree with you" or "Copy that", as is the common use for the word "Ditto". From the same origin as the term "Dittohead".
Milwaukee Urinal Sentinel
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspaper.
Miss America
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).
Mrs. Bill Clinton
Hillary Rodham Clinton. Limbaugh says that he uses this nickname because it is the nickname she would find most offensive.
NAALCP (National Association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People)
The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). Limbaugh says that liberal refers to the NAACP's support for left-wing African Americans, while denigrating African Americans on the right side of the political spectrum, such as Condoleezza Rice and Clarence Thomas.
NAG (National Association of Gals)
National Organization for Women (NOW).
NBC. Limbaugh uses this nickname to match with his reference to CBS as CBS (emphasis on the BS).
New Fallujah
Auburn Hills, Michigan, home of the Detroit Pistons. Limbaugh gave the city this nickname after the press related sports-related riots that took place there to the United States War on Terrorism. He recently (2006) indicated on air that out of respect for Detroit area listeners (and the term's lack of context due to the story's age) he will no longer use the term.
Nikita Dean
Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean. Limbaugh assigned this nickname to Dean in the 2004 election cycle as a reference to Nikita Khrushchev. Limbaugh said Dean had positioned himself so far to the political left that Vladimir Putin was to his right.
Ninth Circus
United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.
Nurse Ratched
Hillary Clinton. Limbaugh implies that Hillary Clinton has the same personality as the Nurse Ratched character in the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.
Cojones, intestinal fortitude.
Anti-war protestors and activists.
Perky One, the
Katie Couric.
Enthusiastic supporters of Ross Perot during the 1992 election.
Post-Election Stress Trauma.
Former United States President Bill Clinton.
Arthur Sulzberger Jr. New York Times Publisher.
Port Snort
Refers to the Dubai Ports World Controversy. Mr. Limbaugh asserts that xenophobia, among other things, caused the proposed sale of six American ports to the UAE to fail.
President of the Media
Arizona Senator John McCain.
"Puff" Daschle
Former Democrat Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD).
Punk, The
Terry McAuliffe, former Chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC).
Sandy Burglar
Sandy Berger, National Security Advisor to President Clinton. The nickname was coined after Berger admitted to stealing (and destroying) classified documents from the National Archives as Clinton was preparing to testify before the 9/11 Commission. Limbaugh opines Berger might have been destroying evidence Clinton's actions (or inaction) led to 9/11.
School Bus Nagin
Referring to New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin's failure to utilize the dozens of schoolbuses available for evacuation prior to Hurricane Katrina.
Using hearsay or third party rhetoric against somebody. This is a reference to Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY).
School. This is a portmanteau of screw and school, reflecting Limbaugh's belief that many schools often fail to do their job and end up screwing students out of a meaningful education. It originated as a mimicry of Dr. Joycelyn Elders' tortured pronunciation of the word school.
skulls full of mush
See (young) skulls full of mush.
seminar caller
Someone who telephones his show for the purpose of astroturfing. Limbaugh is often immediately suspicious of those callers who introduce themselves with the equivalent of I love your show, I always agree with you, and I voted for Bush, but.
Senator Depends
Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT). The name is derived from Leahy's intentional leaking of classified material during his tenure on the intelligence committee. Depend is the name of a popular brand of adult undergarment used by adults with bladder control problems. See also Leaky Leahy above.
Senator Sheets
Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV), known to be a former member of the Ku Klux Klan. (Limbaugh claimed in his April 2005 newsletter that Senator Byrd was originally nicknamed Sheets by Democratic former Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill (D-MA). Limbaugh began using the name after former O'Neill staffer and MSNBC's Hardball host Chris Mathews mentioned this nickname on his show.
Senator Turban
Senator Richard Durbin, (D-IL). Limbaugh began using this moniker after opining that liberal Democrats in the U.S. Congress seemed to politically support Islamic terrorists rather than the United States Military fighting them in the Iraq War.
Slay the Nation
The show Face the Nation.
Smartest Woman in the World
Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY). This nickname alludes to media lionization of Clinton.
Snerdley, Bo
Official Program Observer for the The Rush Limbaugh Show. The term originally referred to call screener James Golden.
Soiled Harry
See Dingy Harry.
Stack of Stuff
The pile of magazine and news clippings, faxes, and printed e-mail messages accumulated during show prep, background material generally related to the show's daily agenda. Also, a number of relevant web links offered to subscribers of his website, culled from a variety of current on-line news organizations, highlighting various issues of the day.
Star Wars Bar Scene
The United Nations.
Swimmer, the
Senator Edward Kennedy (D-MA). The nickname alludes to both Senator Kennedy's heavy drinking and to the Chappaquiddick scandal.
talent on loan from God
Limbaugh's acknowledgement that all gifts are, in fact, temporary and a loan by the grace of God. Alternatively, an insinuation that Limbaugh's talent is divine in nature.
testicle lockbox
An (imaginary) device to hold a man's privates. Limbaugh invokes this device to explain how Hillary Clinton gets very few hostile interviews: when Hillary Clinton is interviewed by the male hosts of talk shows, she supposedly puts their manhood in a lockbox before the program and, if they behave and don't ask her hard questions, they may get their manhood back when the interview is over.
Tinfoil Hat People, the
Conspiracy theorists.
the uhh Reverennnnnd Jacks-hnnnnn
Rev. Jesse Jackson. When Limbaugh refers to Jackson, he does an impression of how William F. Buckley, Jr. says Jackson's name.
The views on this program are right. The views presented by the host of this program make more sense than anything anyone else is saying out there
Limbaugh often makes this statement at the beginning of his program in response to disclaimers some stations air before his program that his views do not represent those of the station in question.
Vice President Graham
Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC), the theoretical choice of running mate for Senator John McCain, on the extreme outside chance he would ever win the nomination for President from the Republican Party. Limbaugh opines that it is extremely unlikely that a moderate can win Republican primaries for President.
Wellstone moment
A reference to both the memorial service for Paul Wellstone and the funeral of Coretta Scott King. At the Wellstone memorial, Rick Kahn and Tom Harkin led the crowd in political style cheers. At the King funeral, Rev. Dr. Joseph Lowery spoke to Democratic talking points such as no weapons of mass destruction. It generally refers to the Democrats taking a solemn non-political event and making it a political rally.
William Jefferson, Democrat, Louisiana
Rush refers to the disgraced Congressman this way to draw a parallel between Jefferson and Louisiana Democrats such as Ray Nagin and Kathleen Blanco, to whom Rush ascribes fault for the failures of Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.
Women-Influenced Male Person.
Wolf Blitzed
CNN reporter and newscaster Wolf Blitzer.
You People
Either (a) Rush's listening audience or (b) a group of people in general to whom Rush is referring.
(young) skulls full of mush
Students or people of school age.
Nicknames Limbaugh uses for himself
Throughout the years on The Rush Limbaugh Show, Limbaugh has established several nicknames with which he describes himself on the air.
A Man, A Legend, A Way of Life
America's Anchorman
America's Truth Detector
Chief of the Patriotism Police
This refers to the criticism by Molly Ivins of himself and others in the new media. [1]
Doctor of Democracy
El Rushbo This was a takeoff of El Niño
Harmless lovable little fuzzball
Maha Rushie
The most dangerous man in America
On March 3, 1991, Jon Kleinman wrote a letter to the editor of the Los Angeles Times Magazine stating Radio is powerful. Limbaugh's views go unchecked. It is my view that he's one of the most dangerous men in America. [2] He kept the title throughout the mid-90s as a badge of honor before ultimately passing the title on to Bill Clinton.
The Epitome of Morality and Virtue
Posterboy for the American Way of Life
Lover of Mankind, Protector of Motherhood, Supporter of Fatherhood (in most cases), and General All Round Good Guy
Limbaugh uses this self-description in response to liberals who say that he is a heartless conservative.
Limbaugh used this description of himself after reading a press release [3] that called men who men who embrace the positive aspects of their masculinity or M-ness (e.g., confidence, leadership, passion, compassion) without giving in to the stereotypes that give guys a bad name (e.g., disrespect toward women, emotional emptiness, complete ignorance of anything cultural outside of sports, beer, burgers, and athletic shoes), Limbaugh declared that [b]y this definition, I'm one. [4] [5] He was incorrectly quoted by [Beth Thames] in the [Huntsville Times] as having called himself the uber-male [6]
Weapon of Mass Instruction
This is a play on the phrase Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"Duck Soup" Liberals

The Secret Truth about DNC Political Theater: "If you don't read, watch, or listen to the Liberal Media, then you are UNINFORMED. If you do read, watch, or listen to the Liberal Media, then you are MISINFORMED."


The word “canard” (French for duck) refers to a deliberately false story. It seems to apply aptly to the preposterous reporting by a Liberal, “Duck Soup” Media known for ethical disregard, intellectual buffoonery, and political cynicism in time of crisis. A very famous quote by Rufus T. Firefly [Groucho Marx] in “Duck Soup” (1933) accurately represents the public policy position of Liberals on National Security. As the movie quotation indicates, “Duck Soup” Liberals have no respect for the heavy sacrifice required of military personnel.

"And remember, while you're out there risking life and limb through shot and shell, we'll be in here thinking what a sucker you are!"

Most Liberals attempt to conceal their left-wing extremism. They pretend to be humane and moderate, but advocate an insane, radical agenda. Fortunately, Liberals can’t fool all of the people all of the time. As a practical matter, how does one identify members of the extremist, lunatic fringe while they pretend to be reasonable and respectable? James Whitcomb Riley (1849-1916) offered the best advice.

“When I see a bird that walks like a duck and swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck.”

Friday, March 02, 2007

A Nuclear Iran Means World War III.

If we don't act decisively against Iran,

then Iran will act decisively against us.

- - -

I'm a real estate broker in the state of Connecticut. I'm located about sixty miles northeast of New York City. I used to be in the U.S. Navy. I've been to the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf. I joined because I wanted to challenge the Iranians after the American hostages were taken into captivity.

Some people believe that God will stop a war between Muslims, Jews, and Christians. Remember, Islam is not so much a religion as it is an extremely intolerant, violent, and despotic POLITICAL SYSTEM. Will God tolerate an inhuman political system? Did God tolerate slavery in the United States during the nineteenth century?

The Civil War occurred between 1861 and 1865. Abraham Lincoln quoted Psalm 19:9 in the Old Testament during his second Inaugural Address. He said that "the judgments of the LORD are true and righteous altogether." About six hundred thousand (600,000) people died in the Civil War. So you see that God might not choose to avert a global nuclear conflict. Humanity might suffer the consequences of "His terrible swift sword."

As Benjamin Netanyahu said, Iran is Germany and this is 1938. Islamic Fascism will cause a global military conflict. However, be assured that a Nuclear Iran will suffer worse consequences then did Germany between 1939 and 1945. Millions will die. World War Three might be far worse than World War Two.

The United States might seem like a "paper tiger" because of the Liberal Democrats in the U.S. Congress. However, we are a paper tiger who will use nuclear weapons against Iran if provoked. Don't forget that we didn't hesitate to use them against Imperial Japan. We will have the political will to defeat Iran by ANY means necessary.

During the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, John F. Kennedy warned the USSR that ANY missile launched from Cuba against ANY country in the Western Hemisphere would be considered as an attack by the Soviet Union against the United States, requiring a FULL-RETALIATORY RESPONSE upon the Soviet Union.

If Iran attacks Israel with nuclear weapons, then we will annihilate Iran without hesitation. Do not underestimate our resolve to punish Iran preemptively for such provocative aggression. We will annihilate Iran and anybody else who conspires with them. The Iranians (i.e., Persians) are extremely prideful. Their arrogance in a nuclear world will cause their complete annihilation.

In the end, it won't be "Death to Israel" or "Death to America." It will be "Death to Iran" because Iranians had pursued the extremist agenda of a suicidal religious CULT. These circumstances bear striking similarity to the circumstances in NAZI Germany. Remember that the terms "Jihad" and "Mein Kampf" both mean "My Struggle." History is about to repeat itself. The world might suffer the consequences of "His terrible swift sword."

Thursday, March 01, 2007

"Iran Can Still Be Stopped" by Benjamin Netanyahu

- - -

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"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you;
before you were born I set you apart;
I appointed you as a prophet to the nations."
(Jeremiah 1:5)

- - - - - - - - -

Iran can still be stopped

Webmaster Date published: 18/12/2006

By Benjamin Netanyahu

December 14, 2006

Under the Olmert government Israel is rapidly veering toward an unprecedented political and security collapse, while Iran rushes to develop nuclear weapons. The leaders of Iran brazenly deny the first Holocaust, as they work feverishly to bring on a second one.

Israel can now be likened to the proverbial bus speeding uncontrollably towards the abyss, with the bus driver worn-out, confused and helpless.

Let´s examine some recent developments which all share one common feature – the weak leadership of Israel´s present government:

1. Hezbollah and Hamas are rapidly rearming as a result of the Olmert government's decision not to act against them. Dozens of Kassam rockets have struck Sderot and the western Negev since the cease-fire in Gaza was declared. The government continues to refrain from response.

2. US Secretary of Defense Bob Gates stated recently that an Iranian nuclear attack on Israel cannot be ruled out and that the United States will act against Iran as a last resort only. These troubling statements raise doubts as to whether the United States truly intends to stop Iran in its bid to acquire nuclear weapons.

3. The Baker-Hamilton report calls for American negotiations with Iran and Syria in order to extricate American forces from Iraq. Although the report does not reflect the Bush administration's policy on Iraq, it encourages a fundamental shift in US policy on Iran: from isolation to engagement. Engagement and dialogue hardly conform with a policy of severe sanctions to stop Iran´s nuclear program.

4. The Baker report also argues that an Israeli-Palestinian agreement is a prerequisite for solving the remaining problems in the Middle East. This is an obvious attempt at linkage: if only Israel would make more territorial concessions to the Palestinians, the Iraq and Iran problems would be solved. In reality, it´s the other way around. Once we stop the nuclear program of Iran – which Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh called "the strategic backbone of Hamas" - it will be far easier to solve the conflict with the Palestinians and Syria.

What can we learn from these developments? How are they connected?

Weakness attracts pressure.

The weakness of Olmert´s government is causing a continuous deterioration in Israel's position in the Middle East and the world.

If the government of Israel accepts daily rocket fire Israeli towns, why should the rest of the world respond any differently? When the Olmert government reacts pusillanimously to the flagrant declarations of Iran´s president to wipe Israel off the map, why should the rest of the world act against him?

In their report, Baker and Hamilton give their view of Israel´s present leadership: "The vast majority of the Israeli body politic is tired of being a nation perpetually at war." Regrettably, Mr. Olmert himself echoed this fatigue in a speech he gave last year in New York to the Israel Policy Forum on June 9, 2005, significantly one year before the fumbled Second Lebanon War: "We are tired of fighting, we are tired of being courageous, we are tired of winning, we are tired of defeating our enemies" When Israel´s prime minister projects such fatigue and feebleness, is it any wonder the rest of the world attributes such notions to Israel as a whole?

This must be changed. The overriding principle that should guide us is not weakness but strength. The key to ensuring the existence of Israel lies in continuously building our national power. If you live in a tough and violent neighborhood, you must be strong to survive. The State of Israel must thus focus its efforts on bolstering its power, and it must begin as soon as possible. I shall have more to say about this at a later date. Now we must concentrate on one urgent task: Stopping Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

This requires action along two parallel efforts:

a. The Diplomatic-Public Relations Effort:

We must undertake an intensive public opinion campaign focusing primarily on the United States. Our goal should be to vigorously encourage President Bush to live up to his explicit pledge not to allow Iran to arm itself with nuclear weapons. We must make it clear to the US Administration, the Congress and the American people that a nuclear Iran constitutes a threat not just to Israel but to the United States and the entire world. The top priority of the free world should be clearly set: preventing radical Islamic regimes from acquiring nuclear weapons.

b. The Independent Israeli Defense Effort:

Notwithstanding this international effort, Israel must make all the necessary preparations to defend itself by itself. The government of Israel must harness all national resources to this supreme goal. The prime minister must direct the Mossad, the IDF and the other security services, as well as the authorities responsible for civil defense, to act summarily under a national master plan aimed at removing this existential threat. The prime minister must personally monitor the progress of this plan on a daily basis. He must not let up for a moment and he must not delegate this responsibility to anyone else.

On his recent visit to Washington Mr. Olmert rightfully announced that Israel could not accept nuclear weapons in Iran. Yet his actions do not live up to his words. In reality, the current Israeli government lacks direction and leadership. While Iran tenaciously and steadily moves forward with its nuclear program, the Israeli government is preoccupied with creating "agendas" for the media (e.g., the initiative for changing the election system) or with announcing superfluous and dangerous plans, such as Mr. Olmert´s recently announced plan to give up more territory to the Palestinians that will only be used later as launching sites for more Iranian missiles.

It is time for the prime minister of Israel to put the task of ensuring our survival above all else. If he does, I can guarantee him that my colleagues and I will provide him with unwavering support in confronting the Iranian threat, just as we did during the war in Lebanon this past summer. But if Mr. Olmert fails to rise to the task, he must step down immediately and clear the way for a leadership that will ensure our survival and our future.